Sunday, February 1, 2015

ECO LIVING: Be My Eco Valentine! - Here's 6 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas (for Her AND for Him!) via USA Love List

Green Valentine’s Day: Six Eco Friendly Gift Ideas
(for Her AND for Him!)

This post is a Re-Blog of a post written
by Tracey Hanson, Green Family Living Editor at USA Love List

Looking for THE perfect Valentine’s Day gift
for your special someone?
Giving a gift that is American Made AND
Eco friendly shows that you really put thought into
the gift buying process this Valentines Day.
Whether you are on the hunt for a gift for her,
or a gift for him, USA Love List has it covered with
these made in the USA Eco friendly gift ideas!

Eco friendly gift ideas for Her

A luxurious, organic scarf

Eco Friendly Valentine's Day gifts for her: Beau Monde Organic scarves
beau monde organics’
scarves are
100% made from certified organic materials.
Even the thread used to stitch these gorgeous, double sided
scarves is made from organic cotton, and not polyester!
The unique designs on these colorful scarves are the original artwork
of designer Stephanie Gale. I LOVE my beau monde organics’ scarf
and I get compliments on it every time I wear it!

A token of love

Eco Friendly Gifts for Her #madeinUSA Dogeared necklace
If you are looking for a gift with meaning, than you MUST
check out Dogeared jewelry. Each design is created to inspire
it’s wearer, and harness positive energy.
Handcrafted in the USA, the charms
on each necklace are made from recycled silver.

A Hot Toddy nightie

Eco Friendly Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Hot toddy nightie #madeinUSA
SNOA Sleepwear is designed to be both warm AND sexy!
All of  SNOA Sleepwear pieces are made with Eco-friendly fabric,
and this Hot Toddy Nightie is made from organic bamboo fleece.
SNOA Sleepwear donates a portion of their sales to protecting polar bear habitat.

Eco friendly gift ideas for Him

An exotic fine fragrance

Eco Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts: Jack Black JB Eau de Parfum
All Jack Black products are colorant free, cruelty free
and created with the most natural ingredients possible. 
Jack Black’s JB Eau de Parfum contains 18% essential oils.

A ‘neat’ bottle opener

Eco Friendly Valentine's Day gift- reclaimed bourbon barrel bottle opener
Made in San Francisco by Wood Thumb,
a reclaimed bourbon barrel plank makes up the
backing to this fabulous wall bottle opener.  
A powerful magnet is built into the bottom 
and can hold up to 30 bottle caps at once.
This keeps the man cave, or your kitchen, bottle cap free on game day.

A unique card case

Eco Friendly Valentine's Day gift- reclaimed circuit board card holder
These stylish, unique
business card cases by ecoxoxo
are made of repurposed circuit boards.
The metal bottom is made from recycled metals.
This gift will not only keep your man’s business cards
in pristine condition, but you will feel great knowing
there is one less piece of e-waste in America’s landfills!


Post by Tracey Hanson

Tracey Hanson is the USA Love List Green/Family Living Editor. 
Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest

Friday, January 30, 2015

FAV QUOTE FRIDAY | LIFESTYLE: (Eco) Love Is In The Air - Words To Inspire A More Sustainable You

"One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself
'what if I had never seen this before?
What if I knew I could never see it again?
~Rachel Carson

 "When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves."
~David Orr

 "But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature
is inevitably a war against himself."
~Rachel Carson

What is the use of a house if you don't have
a decent planet to put it on."
~Henry David Thoreau 

 'We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.'
~First People's Proverb

love and live beautifully,

Friday, January 23, 2015

FAV QUOTE FRIDAY: The Wonder and Joy of Simple Pleasures and Surprises

“Even in the familiar, 
there can be surprise and wonder.”
~Tierney Gearon


simple pleasures are life's treasures

May you have a Happy Weekend 
full of sweet surprises!

 live beautifully!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

BODY and SPIRIT: 7 Simple Steps to Healing Mindful Meditation - via GoodLifeZen

Mindfulness meditation is a simple, effective way to meditate for your well-being.
Whether you want to become calmer, be more present, improve your health
or simply become more 'grounded', mindfulness meditation will help you.

By Mary Jaksch of
Your 7 Steps To Mindful Meditation:

1. Sit upright
Upright posture helps the mind to come to rest. You can either sit on the ground with a firm cushion to elevate your back side, or sit on a straight-backed chair. The main thing is to keep your spine upright but relaxed. It’s much easier to keep your mind focused if you’re upright. 

2. Pay tender regard to your body
It’s helpful to connect with your body in order to settle into meditation. Start at your feet and slowly scan the body with your mind. What do your feet feel like? What do you legs feel like? Let the soft light of your attention move slowly through your whole body. 

3. Be still
When you first start to meditate, you may feel fidgety and may want to adjust your posture constantly. It’s really important to be still physically during meditation. Every time you move, your mind responds with random thoughts. So stay steady and still. 

4. Be silent
Outer silence helps you to become silent within. In our Western culture, silence has become rare. In order to become still within, make sure that you are in a quiet environment. It’s only when you are still that we can become aware of your mind.

5. Focus on your breath
Pay tender regard to your breath flowing in and out. Your breath is a doorway to stillness. Notice what your breath feels like in your nose, chest, and belly.

6. Let go of inner chatter
Mindfulness meditation means becoming aware of the present moment, without judgment.Notice your thoughts coming and going. When you notice that you are caught up in an inner dialogue, gently let the story go.

7. Bring your attention back when it wanders.
Gently bring your mind back to your breath whenever it strays into the past or the future. Our mind tends to wander. That’s a natural condition. If you train yourself to gently return your soft attention to the breath, your mind will become steadier. And you will be able to immerse yourself in the present moment. 

Be patient and persistent in your practice for best results.

Start with short, 5 to 10 minute periods, gradually increasing the time to 30 minutes, or whatever works for you. 

Learning to immerse yourself in the present moment can help you experience deep joy and serene peacefulness. Meditation has immense health benefits, too, as it strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure and pulse rate, and lifts your mood.

Read Mary's original post here.

Live beautifully, 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

FAV QUOTE FRIDAY | MINDFUL LIVING: 4 Things You Can Do To Lighten Up Your Day and Get Instant Stress Relief

This week's Fav Quote Friday post comes with a bonus;
each quote is also a tip for instant stress-busting relief.
Use as needed to lighten the moment and your heart.
Ready? Here we go:

"Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile..."
~Thich Nhat Hanh, Being Peace

METHOD: Take slow breaths,

counting each,
inhaling and exhaling deeply,
for a total of 10 breaths. 
Relief is on the way...

 "Keep Calm and Kiss Me."

METHOD: Find your co-worker, your cat or your dog,
your lover, your spouse or your mate, or any friend that you love,
and give them a great big smooch.
It will make you both happier.


 "After all these years, my favorite thing to do in life 
is to be laughing until the tears well up."
~Robert Downey, Jr.

METHOD: Laugh out loud. Be silly for a few moments. 
Let things go. Smile. Repeat as needed.

'Don't wait for the perfect time, 
sometimes you just have to dare to jump.'

METHOD: Do 5-25 jumping jacks (high or low impact) 
to de-stress and get your smile back in a minute. 
(Feel free to combine multiple tips at any time,
such as 3 & 4, like Dean and Jerry are doing here)

Use any or all of these stress-busting techniques
any time you need a break. 
Do you have any tips of you use to lighten yourself up?
Comment below, we'd love to hear your tips!

live beautifully,


Friday, January 9, 2015

FASHION: 2015 Designer Scarf Styling Tips For A Fresh Fabulously Fashioned New Year, Get The Look

 Gucci 2015 Silk Scarves - Parisian Knot, Neck-Tied

Style Tips From 2015 
Designer Runway Collections 
 I've compiled a New Year's set of looks for you
with the latest scarf stylings from the runways 
of some of the world's top designers. 

I've included tips for you on each that let you 
know which Beau Monde Organics scarf 
works best to capture the look for yourself.

Which is your favorite?
Toss It!
'Effortlessly drape a light, airy scarf 
around your neck & leave ends loose.
The perfect accessory for a carefree, 
nonchalant casual look.'
 (Bottega Veneta, thx to InStyle)
This look works beautifully with 

Neck-Tie It!
'Latest to show up is scarves tied close to the neck.
At Roberto Cavalli, the scarves were 
neck-tied with trailing ends,
at Gucci, wrapped and tied close to
the neck in a Parisian Knot.' 
(thx to StyleBistro)
These looks work well with 
our Sleek and Skinny size scarves.

Belt It!
Besides using your scarf as a belt, 
try this current belted scarf
look to change up your style. 
(Burberry Prorsum Runway)
This look is easy to get using 
our Petite Wraps and Signature Wide scarves.

Join us on social to learn more and
share your latest styles with us

live beautifully,


Thursday, January 8, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 - Thoughts On Change and New Beginnings, For A New You In A New Year

How about this for a great way to start the new year?
List the 'beautiful things' in your life...
"Every day I write the list of reasons 
why I still believe they do exist
-A thousand beautiful things-
And even though it's hard to see 
The glass is full and not half empty
-A thousand beautiful things- ..."

"A Thousand Beautiful Things", by Annie Lennox


"And now we welcome the New Year,
full of things that have never been."
~Rainer Maria Rilke 

 "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
~Lao Tzu 

...let go of the old you 
to be the new you...

live beautifully, 
peace, love & positive change!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

ORGANIC LIVING | BODY and SPIRIT: 18 Delectable, Healthy, Homemade Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa Recipes via A Harmony Healing

Here's a shot of my latest Holiday Happiness in a Mug...
my own homemade recipe for hot chocolate!
I used a few chunks of Ibarra chocolate, and powdered cocoa
mixed into almond milk, with
a touch of vanilla extract. Mmmm!
This post is my reblog of a post by my fabulous friend,
Holistic Chef Shelley Alexander, who recently
compiled an amazing set of 18  versions of one of 
my favorite winter holiday treats: hot chocolate/hot cocoa.
Seem we both agree that it makes us very happy!
Hope it will do the same for you,  and that you'll try
the great recipe ideas, and will let me know if you
have your own recipe to share!

From Shelley at 'A Harmony Healing':
"I absolutely adore hot chocolate and hot cocoa!
During the winter months I have it on a weekly basis
and it always makes me so happy!
There’s something about rich hot chocolate and hot cocoa
that comforts your body and soul. With the holiday season
in full swing I know that many families like to drink
hot chocolate or hot cocoa for their celebrations
so I decided to put together an epic collection
of 18 delectable recipes for hot chocolate and hot cocoa
mixes for all of you to enjoy!"

 Shelley asked her Food Blogger friends 
to share their favorite
 Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Recipes with her readers.
They have happily done just that! 

  To access the list of all 18 various
recipes for healthy and delicious hot cocoa drinks, 
just click this link to visit Chef Shelley's blog: 
From there, click on the title of any (or all)
of the wonderful recipes!

How do you like your holiday hot chocolate/cocoa? 
Share your favorite with me in the comments below!

live beautifully,


Saturday, December 13, 2014

BODY and SPIRIT: Thoughts, Musings and Wisdom On Happiness and Giving For The Holidays

 "Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour onto others
without getting a few drops on yourself."
~Og Mandino 

"It is not how much we have,
but how much we enjoy,

that makes happiness."
~Charles Spurgeon 

 "Happiness is a gift.
and the trick is not to expect it -
but to delight in it when it comes...
and to add to other people's store of it."
~Charles Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby 

May your Holidays be filled with Happiness!

live happy.
live beautifully.


Friday, December 12, 2014

MINDFUL LIFESTYLE | BODY & SPIRIT: 'The Power of Sound Therapy' via Michelle Phan

If you've followed by posts for at least a couple years, 
you may remember that I'm a big fan of Sound Therapy,
whether it be by utilizing your favorite music,
wave frequency recordings,
gorgeous crystal bowls or hand-hammered
Tibetan metal 'Singing Bowl' treatments.
I find 'Sound Baths' an unusual, yet amazingly effective,
method of restoring a sense of balance,
and a way of clearing unpleasant and
negative energies from my body and mind.

I recently found an article called "The Power of Sound Therapy"
from a seemingly unlikely source; Michelle Phan,
make-up, fashion & lifestyle blogger (turned superstar)
...but turns out that she also is a big fan,
 due to her own positive personal experience with it.

So here's some info to get a little help for holiday stress,
or just a boost to help improve your overall well-being!

 Sound Therapist with bowl and mallet

"Our busy lives can often get the best of us. An overloaded life, with little time for rest or reflection, causes imbalance and can lead to a range of unexpected physical and mental problems. But balance isn’t just about taking time to unwind, I find it’s also about using various tools to optimize the impact of those breaks. One way to do this is by incorporating music into your meditations or by using it to center yourself – creating your own sound therapy session.
We already know that music can affect our mood, but did you know that certain sounds and frequencies can relieve issues like insomnia, anxiety, stress, and some immune problems? Sound therapy can actually..."

SIDENOTE: If you are in the Los Angeles area, 
and are interested in this kind of treatment, 
contact me to be introduced 
to my amazing, compassionate healing practitioner.

live beautifully,


Friday, November 21, 2014

MINDFUL ECO LIVING: 9 Things You Can Do Today To Live a Greener, More Eco Conscious Life

Turn off water while while washing hands and face,
brushing teeth or shaving in the shower.
Use a bin to wash dishes instead of running tap.
Install low-flow faucet & shower heads.
Re-use 'waste' water for plants, lawns or gardens.
Water lawns & gardens only 2-3 times a week, not daily.

Clean and recycle all plastics, clean paper,
glass and metals, via local, home or office recycling,
or pack it up weekely and bring to recycling center.
Drop off all batteries, small electrical items via local HazMat programs/centers,
or bring it to a local Best Buy

 Don't throw things out so easily. Save yourself money by resisting
the habit of 'go get a new one'. Before you do that, think if it can be
repaired, recycled, reused, repurposed or donated to others.
Have a Garage Sale and make some money off that stuff
cluttering up your storage areas. Give new life to something
you no longer need or want, to keep it from going into the landfill.
Make sure your 'Toss' bin is for 'Toss into Recycling'!
Do not throw out old clothes, shoes,
handbags, backpacks or tote bags anymore.
Go through your closet and clear out items
(For tips, see here)
Give to a church, local recycling, or your
local independent or a major thrift store.
(we love Out Of The Closet)
Anything not in good enough condition to donate should be
cut up and used as rags for dusting
and clean-ups instead of paper towels.
Also great for floor cleaning, house and window cleaning
and car clean-up and care.
Revamp your closets and repurpose or donate anything
you haven't used in the past year or more.

Buy less food, and freeze if needed, to be sure
you eat all you purchase and don't have to throw any out.
Grow a garden, got to farmer's markets for grocery shopping.
Buy more produce, beans and grains and less meat, as meats take
more energy and are very water intensive to raise and process.
Before  your produce goes bad, freeze or blend any that is getting overipe.
You can also consider going vegetarian or vegan.

Read all labels of all your cleaners, cleansers, washing liquids,
shampoos and conditioners, soaps, lawn and garden care, 

and bug killers throughout your home.
There are now so many
DIY, eco-friendly products
effective and safe ways
to clean and get rid of pests,
that you should eliminate as many of the
toxic chemicals from your house as possible,
as many have been now shown to be so toxic as to be
dangerous to your health, even with limited use.
Seek to clear poisons from your house and yard to protect
not only the environment, but the groundwater, pets, kids,
wildlife, and your own health.
Breathing or touching these chemicals is dangerous.
If any you feel are a must, use gloves, eye protection and good
ventialtion in all cases and use with care according to directions.

Change light bulbs, but
do NOT use compact flourescents,
as they cannot thrown away or recycled
because they contain toxic mercury.
Do not use halogens because they
are a fire hazrd in many cases.
Buy LED lights, and even though initially expensive,
they will save you money for their efficient energy use,
and save you from almost ever having to replace them,
due to extremely long life.
For electrial use, turn off anything not being used
throughout your house. Set a particular circuit breaker strip
for charging small and personal electronics.

Disconnect all charged items,
turn off,
or unplug strip each night. 

Turn off all lights, TV's music, video, computer equipment,
modems, routers at night.
Even be diligent to clear your e-mail,
phone and all trash
  and unused  items often,
as it takes energy to store them.


Try using naturally derived, and sustainable products,
in your home and at work, to replace plastics and disposables.

Clean and reuse plastics that are commonly thrown away.
Consider the source of a product for its
sustainability and eco-friendly qualities

and become a more conscious comsumer.
(for some great ideas for natural decor  for
the upcoming holiday season, see my post)

Think everyday, of all your personal habits,
while shopping, driving, eating out, traveling, 

or even just your home routine...
and  think about how each one 

might be possible to alter just a little,
to gain a lot of good, green effect!

Clear your mind of Can't.
All you need do 
is set your mind to it.

Please add your own tips in the comments section!
I'd love to hear what you do to live eco/green & beautifully!